Back from the dead.

2013-07-10 19:11:13 by Kimken

Hello NG!
It's been maybe 2-3 years since i worked on music actively, since i had other things to attend to.
So i just wanted to inform everyone that i'm back in business (whenever i can) and want to create songs that YOU can enjoy.
I've been a member here since 2006 (almost 10 years!) and submitted songs ever since, with my brother Ken, and it's been a pleasure to hear that people like to listen to our music and some people even get inspired.
So i just wanted to thank this great site and all the people in it, for supporting us. You kind of make us want to write more music!

A tip for all people who want more views, fans and downloads for their work: Review lots, try to say everything positive about their work and if you gotta say something negative; try to be constructive at least. (not like: LOL THIS SUCKS, etc etc). Also be active in the forums and try to help people however you can. But most of the people already know this stuff, right?

Yeye, i'm looking forward for the future to find new great artists and i also wish that i could make a super song some day that's gonna rock your socks off.

If you need some tips in music or maybe want me to record some guitar's for you, you can contact me here via PM or my skype 'Kimpotent85'.

Here's some song's i've wrote this year, so far.

Kim - Eternal Ascension
Still experimenting with that song.

Kim - Path of Doom
I never finished this and i never will, probably.


P.S I made a facebook for KimKen also. Just go to facebook, type in 'Kimken' and you'll find us. (I don't know why, since facebook is so boring)

(cool guitar, eh?)

Back from the dead.

Track for my niece.

2010-12-24 23:42:20 by Kimken

Since my sister has a daughter, I've composed this track a while ago.. But it seems it's appropriate to announce this when it's christmas. I see no point in christmas for myself, but I made this only for her.

I hope you like it Vanessa..

Kheni - Spring :)

Track for my niece.

Break from music...

2010-08-25 04:28:24 by Kimken

New songs.

Ken - Idea #128
Kim - Battle loop 2
Kim - Big Bang
Kim - Ideas #2 (Not named yet)
Kim - Experiment #7

Also, here is our YOUTUBE page. Subscribe there if you like.

- Kim and Ken -

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*EDIT 10.08.25*
Kim here. I haven't been able to make music for a while now because i have had too much stuff going on in my mind. Hopefully i will be able to make more when things have calmed down a bit.

Wawa wiwa!


Break from music...

New music + youtube channel

2010-02-01 00:01:32 by Kimken

Hello NG!
Just wanted to tell that more songs are on the way!
Also i updated the track list here below so you can find your kind of music. You should give us a chance, we have 70+ songs and both me and Ken are active in music composing. (yes we are 2 brothers sharing the same account)
I would like to thank everyone for voting so many 5's and reviewing our songs. It really gives us fuel to start composing more music.
So if you want to support us: Just review and/or vote!

If you have some suggestions or just want to talk crap or something, you can add my MSN.
Kim's MSN:
Ken's MSN

We have made a Youtube account with (almost) all songs uploaded. So plz subscribe there if you like our music and you will always know when new music is out.

Oh BTW, right-click on a link below and press "open in a new tab" (or window) if you want to listen to all songs easier.

Alright here goes, from oldest to newest:
* = guitar recording
K&K - Castlevania Tribute KimKen's first and ONLY collab. It's kind of old, but if you like Castlevania music, you MAY like this. (videogame)
Kimble - Frozen Mountain Well this is very old too. I composed the song 2003 or 2004 (can't remember). It has cool melodies and is a little progressive, but the mastering kind of sucks and needs better VSTi's. (videogame)
Kim - 42 Deep Thoughts Kind of dark/scary song. But also one of my most original. (videogame/something something something dark side)
Kim - Chill (Relaxing/church/classical wannabe)
Kim - Peaceful Village Name says it all. It's kind of zelda-ish village. (videogame)
Kim - Blood Field *DEMO* My first guitar recording. (Metal/videogame) *
Kim - Experiment #1 (metal/videogame) *
Kim - Experimental #2 People seem to like this song. (a mix of classical/metal/progressive) *
Kim - Heaven through Hell Strange song. At the beginning it sounds kind of "sick" and later turns "happy/heroic" (videogame?)
Kim - Experiment #3 Kind of same like experiment 1 & 2 (metal/progressive/videogame) *
Kim - Pirates' Will Another strange song, makes me think of pirates. don't know why. It has guitars. (videogame/strange) *
Kim - Death Fragment Probably my best guitar recording. Strong melodies and changes a lot. (metal/videogame) *
Kim - Hangar Battle Title says it all. But doesn't really have to be in a hangar :) (videogame/metal) *
Kim - Japan (old song) Experimenting with classical. sounds a bit like canon :P (classical)
Kim - Kakka My first classical effort (composed 2001/2002 something) (classical/a bit videogame)
Kim - Castlevania 2 medley Just what it says. I might delete this song later. (videogame)
Kim - Japan 2 Kind of intro-ish or anime-ish (videogame)
Kim - 42 Deep Thoughts 2 final dark/scary/sad, also a sequel/remake of 42 deep thoughts i made 2 years ago (videogame)
Kim - Battle Loop Something i submitted ~hour after this post. Guitars, but much more simple than my other guitar songs. I made it in ~6 hours (videogame) *
Kim - Old melody 8-bitted Tried some "classic" instruments and made a 8-bit loop version of experiment #1
Kim - Legendary Theme Cover from the game Gitaroo-Man.*
Kim - Experiment #4 Really experimental, sounds a bit crazy yupp. *
Kim - Fallen Game Over/Sad theme
Kim - Experiment #5 This might actually have potential for something if i continue and fix it a bit. *
Kim - Delirium Very melodic and megaman-ish (Videogame)
Kim - Tragic-Mode A depressing song :P (videogame/classical)
Kim - Experiment #6 A new guitar song. very melodic * (videogame/metal)
Kim - Voice of the Soul Cover of "Death - Voice of the Soul" * (metal)
Kim - Frozen Cave Kind of sad song. Would perhaps suit in a cave setting? (videogame/classical)
Kim - Dream of Angels Another sad one. Don't know if it is any flash material though
Kim - Battle loop 2 Castlevania/megaman inspired battle theme * (Videogame)
Kim - Big Bang Cool sounding space battle theme or whatever (Videogame)

Hope you have time to check them out!
Oh, review and vote too please :)

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And here's mine (Ken).. From oldest to newest of course.
Kheni - Cave #45 The name says it all, suitable as cave-music. (Video game)
Kheni - Don't know Kinda sad/glad. Probably my best piece. Couldn't come up with a name for it.
Kheni - Terror screaming My first ever trance song. Poor quality, not equalized.. Maybe i'll get back to that someday.
Kheni - Sick This is really sick. Made it for a friend when she was sick. This is what sickness would sound like.
Kheni - Don't know 2 Not really a sequel, couldn't just come up with a name. This is also evil, and it has a strange carnival twist in the middle somewhere.. Guess it could be used in a flash of some sort.
Kheni - Boss battle *REMOVED*
Kheni - Desert wind Happy tune, nice melodies, too long intro. I will improve this by changing all the instruments and adding some better drums.
Kheni - Halloween The name says it all.
Kheni - SotaSota is finnish for WAR. This is supposed to sound like the beginning of a war.
Kheni -Dunno1 Cool sounds, suitable for 'flying with wings' in a video game.
Kheni -Silver corridor Classical. Kinda sad. It varies a lot.
Kheni -Waltz Classical. Inspired by the finnish spirit. Kinda proud of this one.
Kheni -Work The name says it all. I made this after my very first days EVER at work. Could add some hammer-against-metal sounds to make it a little better.
Kheni -Sota nr2 Sequel. Kinda like the first one, this would fit well in a battle that has already started.
Kheni -Ending Ending/credits, for a game perhaps.
Kheni -Sota nr3 Kinda ghost-ish. Not as good as the first or second.. Ah, everyone died.
Kheni - Retarded graveyard Or the graveyard of the retarded. I would recommend this for anything :). EVIL
Kheni - Good times This is a really happy tune. I tried to portrait the good days behind us.
Kheni - Lerssí It's just a made up name.. or is it? Some battlemusic
Kheni - Battle Some real battlemusic, good for games.
Kheni - CIWYW VST-guitars rip your brain in two. Been thinking of removing this, depending on what people think of it. Anyone?
Kheni - Calm Acoustic guitars, piano, drums and some background instruments etc. (Video game music)
Kheni - Freestyle This song varies a lot, It reminds me of some japanese kind of music-style. I have no idea where this would fit in.
Kheni - Don't know 3 Suitable for a sad situation in a game.
Kheni - Freestyle 3 I never uploaded Freestyle 2, it sucked. This sucks less. A really random tune in this one, not sure where it would fit in. Battle?
Kheni - Temple I had no idea what to call this, it sounds like temple/pyramid- kind of music.
Kheni - DnB beat My first ever DnB beat, can be used as a loop. It has a video-game sound to it. I used the last melody of 'Freestyle' in this.
Kheni - Dance song Without any vocals. My first ever attempt to make this kind of music, can't say that I enjoyed it.. Not really my thing. Still, I think it doesn't sound that bad.
Kheni - Variation nr.1 This turned up pretty good IMO. A classical piece, varies a lot as the name says.
Kheni - Death Angel I see an evil angel of some sort, rising from the ground .... :|
Kheni - loop1 Dark. Some kind of "haunted" sounding lead at first, changing to a fast-picking guitar. Mansion? (Video game)
Kheni - Destruction Really old, made in.... 2003? Really simple, but maybe you guys could find some use for it?
Kheni - Happy loop the name says it all. (Video game)
Kheni - Battle (v.2) the battle song remixed.
Kheni - Opera It has a kind of "depressing thoughts" feel to it, and kind of evil. (Video game)
Kheni - Elves and demons Inspired by heroes of might and magic 3. has sound glitches. not that great of a track but could possibly be used in a kind of fantasy-themed scenario.
Kheni - Melodies This has much variation, it's kinda progressive. twists and turns. has a halloween-like feel to it at 1:14 and forward.
Kheni - Sneaky sneak Sneak around and listen to this.
Kheni - Spring I had a vision while making this, take a listen. Finally done.
Kheni - Accordeon Just a little joke :)
Kheni - Investigator 1 minute loop
Kheni - Christmas I celebrated christmas in May.
Kheni - Odotan My first attempt to make a song with lyrics, later on removed the lyrics.

That's all for now.


*EDIT* a third brother of mine also creates music and it is classical, very awesome. Check it out HERE!

Random stuff

2008-07-23 11:59:31 by Kimken

John Petrucci is our new god!

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Judas Priest shreds

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