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2 brothers sharing the same account. Kim is the older and Ken the younger. Check out our music and feel free to review, vote, add to favorites or anything. Hope you enjoy our music, as much as we enjoy making them! Also, we are Finnish.


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Hello NG!
It's been maybe 2-3 years since i worked on music actively, since i had other things to attend to.
So i just wanted to inform everyone that i'm back in business (whenever i can) and want to create songs that YOU can enjoy.
I've been a member here since 2006 (almost 10 years!) and submitted songs ever since, with my brother Ken, and it's been a pleasure to hear that people like to listen to our music and some people even get inspired.
So i just wanted to thank this great site and all the people in it, for supporting us. You kind of make us want to write more music!

A tip for all people who want more views, fans and downloads for their work: Review lots, try to say everything positive about their work and if you gotta say something negative; try to be constructive at least. (not like: LOL THIS SUCKS, etc etc). Also be active in the forums and try to help people however you can. But most of the people already know this stuff, right?

Yeye, i'm looking forward for the future to find new great artists and i also wish that i could make a super song some day that's gonna rock your socks off.

If you need some tips in music or maybe want me to record some guitar's for you, you can contact me here via PM or my skype 'Kimpotent85'.

Here's some song's i've wrote this year, so far.

Kim - Eternal Ascension
Still experimenting with that song.

Kim - Path of Doom
I never finished this and i never will, probably.


P.S I made a facebook for KimKen also. Just go to facebook, type in 'Kimken' and you'll find us. (I don't know why, since facebook is so boring)

(cool guitar, eh?)

Back from the dead.

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